They say you never know what you've got till you loose it, you never know who you could have been till you can never be it. Life is full of choices and bad decisions but that's what life is all about.
My name is Alexis Tyler Rose, when I was five years old I lost my parents in a car accident and that was when my life changed forever, that was when the path planed for me became clear. I lived with my Aunt who adopted me after my parents death but nothing truly made sense, I kept having flashes of adventures with a man named the Doctor. On my 19th birthday I finally met him and he took me to see the stars, I thought it would never end that was until I met them, stone angels who take you when you're not looking, they sent me to a world I could never truly belong, the world of Rose Tyler. But I'm determined to find him again, my Doctor.
An AU Rose Tyler.
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'No it couldn't be' Alexis thought seeing someone so very familiar, someone she had been seeing every night in her dreams. She shook her head slightly looking down at the ground.